Born n raised in Stratford East London, PRESHUS has been a pioneering MC within the urban/underground music scene for more than 2 decades!!! Ranging from years abroad booked in Ayia Napa,Malia,Sweden,Amsterdam, Spain,Kos to name but a few, Aswell as consistently touring the uk up n down the country from Cardiff,Swansea,Bristol,Birmingham,Manchester,Luton, and of course Essex and London. Performing for ALL of the major promotions to include Garage Nation,Sun City,La Cosa Nostra,Pure Silk, Not to mention various festivals, PRESHUS is a sure safe trophy of uk music artists!!!

DJ JEWLSY,,, Facebook:Perry Elliott or Official PRESHUS Fanpage,Twitter:@Preshuspre,Instagram: @Preshuspre

I started collecting records from the age of 11, as my dad had a record shop in ilford (Music Power records), They also had a second shop called Music Power sound & light,which i worked in for so many years, which i was then collecting drum n bass.At the age of 13, i made my radio debut on format fm,,then went on rush fm and then kool fm...i started playing at Venues like Bagleys,Paradise Club,Rocket Club ,Club Desire,Club Labrynth,Roller Express and The Box to name a few...but drum n bass went too dark so i ended up playing garage and ended up alongside my pal Bullet and running a station called FLAVA FM 87.6 fm ,which we ended up moving from barking to rathabone market,stratford -which went on to be No.1 London that time a few of us had started a crew from dagenham called OT  Crew...we got big as well as getting close with pay as you go crew and playing alongside them at some events and then the goverment ban on crews on flyers killed it for me,so i left OT CREW and then helped run a station with Dj Chrisyl called SMOOVE FM 102.8 fm..I then had a big layoff with music and started playing a couple of years ago when Myself, Dj Rhino and Mc Topsee brought back `intimate ouse` from the old days..after a change of management, Myself and Rhino linked up with Mc Preshus and changed the name to XPRESSIONS and here we are..from Brickyard to Residents at Circuit nightclub, Having a Clothing Range and now after pulling my hair out and a lot of late nights -theres now a online radio station. 




Jewlsy's Is a Dj From East London Canning Town, In 1994 Dj Jewlsy First started to learn the process of mixing two songs together to sound like it was one song  Dj Jewlsy has been heavily influenced by his mother who had loads of late night party's till the morning. The Dj at the party would select his best tunes to entertain a crowd of people, Dj Jewlsy a young 12/13 year old knew thats what he wanted to do as a professional living Jewlsy knew he needed to learn the art of beat counting before mixing any two songs together. Dj Jewlsy was given decks for a Christmas present at 15 and then he began to buy music with whatever money he could grabs his hands on. Dj Jewlsy didn't limit himself to any type of Music he collected all his favourite types of genres of music. Fast forward to 1998-99 18 years old, Jewlsy was heavily into music playing at local party's, talent shows & party in the parks. The local record shops at the time was Rhythm Division In Bow E3 & Pauls For Music in Stepney Very well known vinyl record shop. Dj Jewlsy Then started to gain more experience playing Dancehall,Grime,Hip Hop ,UKG ,Funky & House in front of people on radio and in clubs such as Circus Tavern, Time & Envy, Hollywoods,Hippodrome, Budda Lounge, Gass Club, Warehouse Tottenham, Opera House, Suss, 5th Avenue , Legends, Egg Ldn, Pasha, Talk Southend. Jewlsy has Been on of some of the best underground radio stations out there Pure Magik, Temptation, Flava, FreekFm, Livefmuk and is still in underground radio as present on local pirate radio stations Empireldn &  From 2006 till Today 2016 Dj Jewlsy Regularly Play's Out overseas in Sweden, Ibiza, USA Florida, Germany  And some very big clubs up and Down the country in London, Essex,Birmingham, Manchester, Sussex & Kent that Dj Jewlsy has entertained. Today Dj Jewlsy Plans each set before hand to give the ravers an experience that's mind blowing and thirsty for more energy. the main music Dj Jewlsy Likes to play is House Tech minimal deep House, but Jewlsy has all types of music and does limit himself to one genre Dj Jewlsy is lover of music. Dj Jewlsy Loves Getting A Reaction from Clubers Promoters Feedback from people who first handily has experienced his sound  Today Dj Jewlsy is living his dream and is enthusiastic about his future in music.

Krisby MC or MC Krisby has been an MC/Host since 1998, where he started at the age of 14 doing radio sets on the underground circuit and performing at under 18's parties that were catering for the younger audiences of the pirate radio stations of the time, this was the launchpad for his music career. What started as a hobby has soon become a big part of his life - Krisby has been involved in many film projects, event promotions and has made tracks. He has a distinctive voice and a very British accent which has suited radio but can also be transferred into the clubs where his 'untypical' MC look has made it easier for him to connect with the audience/crowd both through the airwaves and in-person.  He has an eclectic taste in music and this is reflected in his style as an artist. Krisby has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the Garage, Grime, Jungle, House & Funky House music, he has also played out at many of the popular nightclubs and prominent festivals. He is an experienced performer with a sharp wit and clever tongue. His style is based on good vibes with cheeky punchlines. 



Started to DJ in my bedroom when I was about 15 using Soundlab DLP1600 till I reached 18 and upgraded to Technics 1210s. I was 15 in 1995 so at the time I used to mix jungle then by 1998 that changed to garage and house. Living and growing up in Essex I had loads of opportunity to get into pirate radio and the first one I ever played on was Flava FM 87.6 which was a wicked station and I met loads if good people/DJs on there. After that I done Smoove FM 102.8 for a bit, then moved to for a few years which was my first internet station. Then it was the first internet and webcam station I done which was cool. Then after that it was which didn't have a studio so I used to broadcast from home which was handy. I have played in loads of bars and clubs around Essex and London of the back of all this and loved it every time, and its kept me going from 1998 to the present day bringing me to my new home ... where I will be playing  every Sunday 8-10pm so come and check me out !,,,

Been DJing for 14yrs, started playing soulful, funky and balearic house on vinyl. Struck up a love for UK Funky and finally moved over to CD's and started a weekly show on which continued for 3yrs. Clubs played at include: Circuit, Opera House, The White House (Clapham), Egg, The Cross, Coronet (Sun City), Sidney's (Splendid), Buddha lounge, E Bar (Croydon), RS Lounge, Element (Southend).